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Modernize your contact center and customer service in no time. Focus on growing your business and let dialogview help in improving your NPS. That’s what they’re made for.

We target to reduce conversation abandonment rates in no time

Dialogview allows you to communicate with more customers in real-time via live chat, voice & video calling, and screen share, giving high caliber, convenient support when they need it most. By integrating with your contact center, dialogview allows you to transform customer contact, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

What do you get to streamline customer contact?

  • Intuitive Bot
  • Live Conversations
  • Social Media Integration
  • Quick Response to FAQs
  • AI Powered Virtual Agent
  • Proactive Customer Support
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Everything You Need to Ensure Customer Interaction, Engagement, and Satisfaction in One Platform.

One-View Interface

With concurrent conversation management within a centralized dashboard, your agents can handle multiple chat inquiries at the same time, simultaneously reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. We work with you to ensure all workflows are optimally configured, and build out new functionality where necessary.

Omni-Channel Experience

Dialogview allows customers to start a conversation in one channel and continue in another without losing conversation continuity. Dialogview is a complete contact center solution designed for digital-first organizations. Use true omnichannel routing to handle calls, chats, and more efficiently!

Conversational AI for Contact Centers.

Personalized Experience

Conversational AI-based tools can personalize the user experience by enabling customer interactions across channels and understanding context and history.

Improve Efficiency

Improve accessibility and speed up query resolution time by giving instant responses using an AI-driven chatbot.

Uninterrupted Support

An AI-powered chatbot can offer 24×7 customer service to contact centers without incurring the expenses of hiring additional customer service agents.

Generate Leads

Generate more leads for an offline sales process by connecting customers with agents through chat, voice calls, and many more.

Automate Customer Support

An NLP-driven software program that performs automated tasks. The intuitive bot is available 24/7 and can handle numerous requests at the same time. Businesses know what their customers talk about and the problems they encounter. Dialogview gives them an arena to add as many tags as required to make conversations meaningful.

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New Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Use chatbots to better understand your customers’ needs. Set up short-answer questions, ratings, or surveys, and get actionable customer feedback to help your business grow.

Instant Responses

Canned response efficiently eliminates the time spent to repeat and rephrase answers to the FAQs. Dialogview can define an unlimited number of canned responses and can be accessed by all agents in general.

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