Dialogview Business Suite

Dialogview lets you connect with customers on their channel of choice by providing a complete suite of business success tools.

Live Chat

Live chat is a messaging feature that allows customers to chat directly with a service representative. Most enterprises use live chat as part of their SaaS infrastructure, as they realize business chat is one of their must-have customer engagement element.

Audio Call

Text chats often compromise the confidentiality of a conversation resulting in the loss of customers. Dialogview introduced audio calls for users to pass reliable messages by helping businesses to get more personal with their customers.

audio call feature

Video Call

Dialogview has enabled an alternative solution for effective communication that helps you connect face-to-face with customers securely, from anywhere around the world. Without the need for any third-party downloads/plugins, dialogview enables customers to connect with agents in just one click from a live chat conversation.

Intuitive Bot

An NLP-driven software program that performs automated tasks. The intuitive bot is available 24/7 and can handle numerous requests at the same time. Businesses know what their customers talk about and the problems they encounter. Dialogview gives them an arena to add as many tags as required to make conversations meaningful.
ai chatbot
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Screen Sharing Facility

Screen Sharing

The screen share feature in dialogview helps to share a particular content or the whole screen with a customer. In a real-time scenario, a client can fill a registration form through screen share with an agent.

Canned Responses

Canned response efficiently eliminates the time spent to repeat and rephrase answers to the FAQs. Dialogview can define an unlimited number of canned responses and can be accessed by all agents in general.
document repository

Document Repository

Keeping your business’s documents organized and securely stored can be complicated and overwhelming, with seemingly endless options for digital document storage and organization. The document repository is an efficient way to save space and protect your essential files in a single digital space.

Group Conversation

Group conversation is a very productive feature, whether it involves engaging remote workers, collaborating across departments and locations, or interviewing candidates. All video calls will have the ability to add a third person to join in an active conversation. It also allows users to avail the screen share feature and experience a seamless conversation.
group conversation
meeting schedule

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings, consultations, appointments, and more, by picking a calendar from the conversational interface. Dialogview lets you share your availability with a simple click and automatically connects to your calendar instantly.

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