About Dailogview

About the platform

Dialogview is an innovative conversational AI platform that enables virtual service agents to create real-time, meaningful customer communication. Benefits include enhanced and improved Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, and Retention.

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Creating meaningful conversations every time

To create a superior customer engagement platform, we surveyed numerous customers served by organizations in different parts of the world.

We applied the Customer Satisfaction Index model across various enterprises to analyze customer satisfaction and loyalty. The results show that perceived quality had the most significant influence on customer satisfaction for satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Dialogview helps a myriad of enterprises, including financial institutions, to serve clients by integrating omnichannel capabilities and virtual agents with customer relationship management solutions.

Uniqueness: Our Proprietary Framework

Dialogview’s methodology includes a more holistic approach for maintaining effective communication between companies and customers.


Our technology integrates with disparate customer data sources to analyze and predict user needs and preferences. This intelligence empowers the customer service agent to provide a personalized level of service.