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Transform Your Customer Support Today

Seamless Automation

Automate over 70% of customer queries with Tia, freeing your team to focus on what really matters.

Unified Communication

Bring all your channels into one view, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered, no matter the platform.

Multilingual Support

Speak your customer’s language with multilingual support and personalize every interaction with AI-powered insights.

Customer Support Solution

Boost efficiency with our customer support—do more, use less

Everything you need in a single platform

ai chatbot solution
shared inbox
omnichannel customer support

Generative AI Messaging

Transform interactions with AI that understands and responds intelligently, elevating every conversation.

Multilingual Support

Speak your customer’s language with support for over 40+ languages, breaking down barriers for global reach.

Flexible and Powerful

Customize Tia to fit your unique business needs, whether as a sales expert, booking assistant, or QA specialist.

Conversational AI & VoIP

Bridge human understanding and AI efficiency, ensuring nuanced conversations across all VoIP interactions.

Offline Tab

Never miss a query with our offline tab, capturing customer needs even when agents aren’t available

Canned Responses

Speed up responses to common questions with pre-set answers, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

ai customer support solution