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Transform meetings; where collaboration meets innovation

Increased Engagement

Businesses that leverage advanced conferencing solutions see a 40% increase in meeting engagement.

Enhanced Collaboration

With tools like live chat and whiteboarding, businesses experience a 25% improvement in collaborative efforts among teams.

Higher CSAT

Offering real-time conferencing options can increase customer satisfaction by 35%, fostering better communication and quicker resolutions.

Enhance collaboration and productivity with feature-rich conferencing solution

Everything you need in a single platform

Real time and scheduled meeting
web based conferencing

Live Chat

Keep the conversation going with integrated live chat, ensuring no question or idea gets left behind.

Live Polling

Engage participants and gather instant feedback with live polls, making your meetings more interactive and insightful.

Multiperson Screensharing

Collaborate more effectively with multiperson screensharing, allowing multiple presenters to share their screens simultaneously

Integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Teams

Simplify scheduling and streamline meeting management with direct integrations into Google Calendar, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Change Wallpapers

Adapt the visual atmosphere of your meetings with customizable wallpapers, setting the tone for every discussion.

Meeting Schedules

Organize and manage your meeting agendas with precision, ensuring every session runs smoothly and stays on topic.

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