Dialogview for Accounting Firms

Rapidly learn and adapt new prospects of accounting and audit reducing the cost involved in manual hours of research and analysis.

Automate Customer Support accounting

Automate Customer Support

Using dialogview, accounting firms can automate their support and assist customers in solving their queries and providing guidance on various rules and regulations that need to be followed while doing their taxes.

Video Appointments

With the video call feature, service agents can take their meetings online and connect with customers through their browser without any external software download.

Solving Payroll Queries

Our virtual assistant can assist accounting and auditing firms in solving their employee’s payroll queries so that the payroll department can focus on more important tasks.
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Improving Customer Experience

With the document sharing feature, clients can submit electronic copies to advisers in real-time through the chat interface rather than sending multiple email attachments.

Internal Customer Support

Dailogview’s Machine Learning capabilities will automatically add responses to repetitive questions from employees, contractors, and suppliers to create faster and more satisfactory employee experiences.