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Customer engagement can be described as an emotional connection a consumer feels towards a brand. Customer engagement has become an essential element for a business to succeed.

Customer engagement tools are the tools that allow you to engage with your consumers more effectively. These tools make your engagement much more dynamic, personalized, and efficient.

This article will discuss the best five customer engagement tools that you need to use right now.

Top 5 Customer Engagement Tools

Social Network

Social networking sites are still one of the leading content marketing platforms used by businesses around the world. More than 4.48 billion users currently use social media platforms, and an average person had 6.6 social media accounts in 2021.

Social media platforms are one of the easiest ways for a consumer to connect with your brand. Businesses can use these networks to build communities around their brand to have a one-to-one conversation with their consumers.

Since there are multiple social media platforms, choosing the ideal one for your needs can be confusing. LinkedIn is the first choice for B2B companies, while B2C companies tend towards platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Messaging Platforms

Even though many people regard SMS as an outdated strategy, it’s still a great way to interact with your customers. In fact, SMS has a 98 percent open rate, which is just outstanding.

Even though traditional SMS service has many restrictions, you can use more sophisticated messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to send multimedia files like video clips and audio files to your customers.

Major brands have already started using WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger as their primary channel for customer support. According to a study, more than 8 billion messages are exchanged between customers and brands every month.

Live Chat

Imagine that you are in store and want to purchase a product, but there is no one to help you.

Now imagine a scenario where you enter a store, and a salesperson welcomes you and shows you around the store, answering all your queries.

Which experience do you like the most? The second one, right?

Around 44 percent of online shoppers say that having live customer support while purchasing is one of the most significant features that a business can offer.

Moreover, you can adopt a proactive approach by triggering a live chat to visitors who are almost ready to become your customer but have some second thoughts. This way, you can assist the buyer throughout the entire process.


Every business wants to assist its consumers 24/7, but that isn’t feasible due to many restrictions and limited human resources. Moreover, customers want their brands to be available whenever they need them, and most of the time, they won’t wait until your office reopens.

You can solve this problem by integrating a chatbot into your website. Chatbots can be programmed to answer around 80 percent of the routine queries that your customers ask. If they have more complex questions, you can redirect them to a human agent.

Chatbots can be used to engage your customers in multiple ways, and an advanced chatbot can even act as a virtual assistant to your consumer by recommending some products based on their preferences.

Autodesk created a virtual agent that significantly increased their productivity by cutting the resolution from 38 hours to 5.4 minutes and a drop in per-query cost from $15-$200 (human agent) to $1 (virtual agent).


Unfortunately, there is a percentage of people that aren’t tech-savvy as our millennial generation. This can lead to a circumstance like this:

“Now click the proceed button.”

“Which is the proceed button?”

“The button at the bottom right corner.”

“There isn’t a button there!”

Your customer agent and the consumer may get frustrated with performing a particular action on their computer. Co-Browsing can be used to solve these kinds of issues more efficiently.

With a click of a button and the user’s permission, your service agent could interact with the customer’s web browser. This way, they could guide their customer throughout the process without any ambiguities.

While using co-browsing, your consumer will feel like the service agent sits with him to solve his problems.

Customer Engagement Should Be Your Top Priority

It does not matter how small or big your company is; customer engagement should be your top priority. Building an emotional relationship with your customer ensures that your business will flourish no matter how big the competition is.

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