Help Healthcare Payers Improve Member Satisfaction While Reducing Administrative Costs

Dialogview provides enhanced and proactive management of healthcare data, claims, risk, and network and administrative processes.

From Pre-Authorization to Co-Pay Information, Dialogview enhances Customer Experience in no time.

Today, healthcare is primarily reactive – members get sick and seek care. The future of healthcare is much more proactive, leveraging data, AI, and predictive models to understand individual patients and personalize intervention and healthcare. By integrating with your customer support, dialogview allows you to transform customer contact, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

What do you get to streamline customer contact?

  • Intuitive Bot
  • Live Conversations
  • Social Media Integration
  • Quick Response to FAQs
  • AI Powered Virtual Agent
  • Proactive Customer Support
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Everything You Need to Ensure Customer Interaction, Engagement, and Satisfaction in One Platform.

Instant Resolution To Queries

With concurrent conversation management within a centralized dashboard, your agents can handle multiple chat inquiries at the same time, simultaneously reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. We work with you to ensure all workflows are optimally configured, and build out new functionality where necessary.

Prior Authorization

Dealing with multiple insurance companies and their differing guidelines for prior authorization can be an administrative headache. Dialogview helps providers and insurers fix the pre-authorization mess by automating their workflows. Our solution enables a better experience for insurers who aren’t inundated with manual submissions likely missing required information, streamlines provider administration, and improves the patient experience.

Conversational AI for Healthcare Insurance

Co-Pay Information

Dialogview helps policy holder to understand the fixed cost- sharing under their health insurance plan without hassle.

Eligibility Verification

Using our interactive response system, dialogview allows users to access their eligibility through one touch and reserve a Medi-Service.

Provider Data

Dialogview will connect patients with healthcare professionals, licensed providers, exchange information, and pay for services.

Provide Customized Quotes

By collecting information about customers' health status, and other relevant data, dialogview can offer customized quotes to potential customers.

Claims Process Automation

Studies show that one in ten claims is incorrect, and the health insurer can challenge the claim. But finding those claims is difficult. Up to 70% of claims are flagged as unusual and then passed to administrative staff to review in detail. Dialogview can take a set of rules, see how they’re adjudicated, automate the claim filing and significantly reduce the amount of time staff spends reviewing claims.

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