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Everywhere your customers are; seamless support across all channels

35% Increase in CSAT

Experience the difference when customers can reach you on their preferred channels.

50% Higher Customer Loyalty

Be where your customers are, and they’ll stay with you for the long haul.

3.5x Higher Customer Retention Rates

With an effective omnichannel strategy, watch your customer base grow and thrive.

25% Reduction in Support Costs

Streamline operations and reduce overhead with smart, integrated communication solutions.

omnichannel integration

Generative AI by Tia

VoIP Calls

Offer voice support with VoIP integration, combining the personal touch of phone calls with the efficiency of digital support.

Instant Agent Routing

When a human touch is needed, Tia smartly routes queries to the right agents instantly, ensuring seamless transitions and satisfied customers.

Conversation History

Maintain a comprehensive history of conversations, ensuring context is never lost and enhancing follow-up communications.

Document Repository

Keep all your crucial documents in one place, accessible anytime, streamlining support and ensuring consistency across every customer interaction.

Flexible and Powerful

Transform Tia into the ultimate multitasking assistant. Whether you’re driving sales, answering FAQs, or managing any other aspect of customer interaction.


Empower your team with built-in conferencing tools, facilitating collaborative discussions and decision-making without leaving the platform.

ai customer support solution