Dialogview for Retail Industry

Create an In-Store Experience for Customers and Get Them to Come Back for More

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Omnichannel Experience

Dialogview helps the retail industry in creating seamless shopping experiences across multiple online and offline channels while ensuring a positive and seamless experience throughout the customer journey.

Virtual Assistant

Our AI-powered chatbot can act as a virtual sales assistant by providing customers the recommendations that best fit by analyzing their browsing patterns and purchase history.
virtual assistant

Automate Customer Support

Our AI-powered chatbot will be able to solve urgent, non-complex customer issues such as locking or unlocking their cards or resetting passwords without scheduling a visit to the local store.

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Personalized Notifications

Dialogview enables service agents to send personalized notifications that your customers might never want to miss out on through SMS or various popular messaging platforms.

Instant Responses

Customers mostly prefer to learn before making a purchase, and our chatbot can instantly answer their queries, making their experience meaningful.

Track Orders

Customers can instantly track their purchase orders and track the delivery without logging into their account or calling the service center.
Track Orders