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All Customer Touchpoints in One Window

Increase Productivity by 70%

Centralizing customer touchpoints has been shown to boost team productivity significantly.

Improve Response Times by 50%

A shared inbox approach cuts down response times by half, enhancing their overall experience.

Enhance CSAT by 35%

Offering consistent and timely responses across all channels leads to a 35% increase in customer satisfaction.

Reduce Missed Conversations to Nearly 0%

With all messages funneling into one shared inbox, businesses report nearly eliminating missed customer conversations.

omnichannel integration
live chat
video calling
canned responses

Offline Customer Management

document repository

Instantly access and share key documents from a centralized repository, streamlining information exchange and support processes.

team collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly with team members directly within the platform, fostering a more coordinated and effective support strategy.

Reminders and to-do-list

Keep track of follow-up tasks and customer engagements with integrated reminders and to-do lists, enhancing organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

VoIP Calls

Integrate VoIP to facilitate seamless voice communication directly through your shared inbox, enhancing verbal interactions.


Extend your reach with SMS capabilities, allowing for prompt, text-based communication within the same unified interface

Conversation History

Maintain a comprehensive history of conversations, ensuring context is never lost and enhancing follow-up communications.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Provide insights into team performance, customer satisfaction, and conversation trends to drive continuous improvement.

Feedback Collection

Incorporate mechanisms for collecting and analyzing customer feedback post-interaction to continually refine service quality.


Empower your team with built-in conferencing tools, facilitating collaborative discussions and decision-making without leaving the platform.

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